Dr. Deborah K. Leporowski, Forensic Psychologist: (561) 352-0036

Dr. Deborah K. Leporowski is a licensed forensic and clinical psychologist who specializes in the areas of risk assessment, criminal competencies, assessment of malingering and deception, sexually violent predator evaluations, psychosexual evaluations, and coerced and false confessions.

Dr. Leporowski serves as a consultant and expert witness for military courts martials in the United States and abroad, consulting in particular regarding sexual assault cases, child pornography, child sexual and physical abuse, domestic violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, and false/coerced confessions.

Dr. Leporowski earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, and a Doctor of Psychology degree in Clinical Psychology, which she received in 1992 from Nova Southeastern University.  Dr. Leporowski completed an APA-approved internship in clinical psychology at the Miami VA Medical Center, which included an extended neuropsychology rotation.  Dr. Leporowski’s post-doctoral residency was completed at a community mental health center in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Dr. Leporowski is currently licensed in Florida and South Carolina and previously served on the Board of Psychology in South Carolina, appointed by former Governor Nikki Haley.  Dr. Leporowski has also served as a health care expert witness in psychology cases before the Florida Board of Psychology as well as the South Carolina Board of Psychology.

Dr. Leporowski has extensive forensic and clinical experience and has worked as a court psychologist, in a secure forensic treatment facility for male offenders, as a staff psychologist at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center, in the community mental health setting, and in an adolescent residential treatment facility.  She has been in private practice since 2000.  With three decades of experience as a licensed psychologist, she has conducted well over 11,000 evaluations of individuals and has testified several hundred times as an expert witness in the United States and overseas in criminal and civil courts as well as in federal courts and in military courts martials.  Dr. Leporowski has taught psychology courses as an adjunct professor and has presented continuing education programs to psychologists, nurses, and attorneys.

Dr. Leporowski’s focus is on accuracy, thoroughness, and objectivity in empirically-based assessment, report writing, consultation, and expert testimony.  Dr. Leporowski has the particular skill of making the relevant science of a case accessible and understandable to a jury.

Dr. Leporowski can be reached at Leporowskiforensicpsychology@gmail.com or (561) 352-0036

There is always an initial free consultation to explore whether a case is a good fit for Dr. Leporowski.


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