Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Why would your company need to refer an employee for a fitness for duty evaluation? A FFDE can provide important information about psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, and/or side effects from prescription medication or illicit drugs that affect your employees’ workplace behavior. By requesting a FFDE, your company demonstrates good faith in attempting to resolve potentially dangerous, contentious, or litigious workplace events and situations.

You should consider a FFDE when any of the following behavior is observed in your employees:
• Abusive/threatening behavior towards co-workers or customers
• Anxiety or depression
• Sudden unexplained change in behavior
• Decreased efficiency, productivity, and impaired concentration
• Threats of violence
• Expressed paranoid thinking
• Suspicions about drug and alcohol usage

A FFDE results in a prompt, preliminary telephone report followed by a written report that is comprehensive, objective, and scientifically defensible and that covers all of the salient issues. The FFDE provides you with an enhanced ability to make decisions about the employee’s level of risk and whether further referral, reprimand, or temporary disability status is required.

• Experience – with 25 years of experience and having conducted well over 7,000 evaluations of individuals in a variety of contexts, including FFDEs, you know the credentials of the evaluator.
• Your company has a local, known psychologist that can be contacted by phone or email at any time.
• Competitively priced fees.
• Quality of the evaluation as well as a personalized evaluation that answers all of the employer’s pertinent questions in a comprehensive manner.
• Timeliness – not only can Dr. Leporowski respond to your request more quickly in general, but urgent evaluations can be scheduled to take place more promptly AND the written report is delivered to your company in less than four business days of the exam.