Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluations


Post-Offer Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluations for Law Enforcement

Dr. Leporowski is an expert in psychological evaluations of law enforcement candidates, public safety workers, and employees in other safety-sensitive positions. Since the formation of her practice in 2000, Dr. Leporowski has evaluated thousands of police officer candidates, police dispatchers, firefighters, probation officers, correctional officers, nuclear power plant workers, and armed security guards.

Since 2000, Dr. Leporowski has worked with a variety of agencies, including state probation departments, sheriff’s departments, city police departments, colleges and universities, churches, small towns, independent fire companies, and nuclear energy companies. Dr. Leporowski is happy to provide references from past and current clients.

Dr. Leporowski’s post-conditional-offer law enforcement psychological evaluations follow the 2014 IACP “Pre-employment Psychological Evaluation Guidelines” as required by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

If the agency requests, Dr. Leporowski provides an immediate verbal recommendation on the day of the evaluation. Written reports are routinely provided within three business days via a secure online transmission. Unlike many other providers and companies who provide these services, all candidate interviews and psychological testing is conducted IN PERSON, not by video or teleconference.

What sets Dr. Leporowski’s evaluations apart from most other companies which provide these services is that Dr. Leporowski personally performs these evaluations herself – the evaluations are NOT subcontracted out to other providers in other locations. If there is a particular, pressing need for an additional licensed psychologist to conduct an evaluation for the agency, it is only done with the agency’s permission, and the agency is assured that the psychologist is not only qualified to administer and interpret clinical psychological assessments of public safety or law enforcement personnel, but is also trained and experienced in the provision of pre-employment psychological evaluation for public safety/law enforcement positions, maintains continuing education and professional training in the area, and is familiar with the research literature available on psychological evaluation for public safety/law enforcement positions.

In addition, while many other providers and companies routinely rely on one psychological assessment instrument to assess psychological suitability and mental health stability, Dr. Leporowski’s battery always includes an additional tool that was solely developed for use with public safety officer candidates and provides useful information with regard to how an individual’s scores compare with those of other public safety officer candidates as well as assessing those critical characteristics related to an officer’s functioning and which also provides another measure of detecting deception.

Also included in the psychological evaluation is utilization of an instrument that assists in obtaining an estimate of the candidate’s reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities. The Shipley-2 measures crystallized knowledge, which is gained through education and experience, as well as fluid reasoning, the capacity to use logic to learn and acquire new information or solve problems.

The final written psychological evaluation report includes all of the content required by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy Guidelines and concludes with a clear determination of the candidate’s suitability and stability for employment in law enforcement.