Individual Psychotherapy

I offer individual psychotherapy services in the Greenville office.  In general, psychotherapy services are offered to highly-motivated individuals in two major categories: 1) other psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists and other self-employed professionals such as physicians, attorneys, etc., and 2) individuals who want to resolve past trauma issues, longstanding interpersonal conflicts, long- standing depressive disorders, coping with chronic illness and disability, and resolving compulsions and addictions. I generally do not treat pre-pubertal children in psychotherapy, and I do not offer couples or marital therapy.

The therapy approach utilized is dependent upon the goals of the client and a decision about what will be most effective for the client. Although I am psychoanalytically oriented and psychodynamically trained, and individual psychotherapy therefore generally has an emphasis on the centrality of intrapsychic and unconscious conflicts, and their relation to your development and any maladaptive symptoms, cognitive-behavioral therapeutic strategies are utilized also when appropriate.  I maintain a general belief in the individual’s inherent ability to improve themselves and their quality of life. In individual psychotherapy, life issues and dynamics will re- emerge in the context of the therapy relationship.  Individuals seeking longer term psychotherapy must be curious, willing to tolerate ambivalence, accept that unconscious processes are often operating, and trust that insight is important for a successful psychotherapy experience and to improve functioning in all areas of life, including your professional work with others.

Psychotherapy is offered on a fee-for-service basis, deliberately not utilizing insurance benefits, in order that the content and process of the psychotherapy remains entirely confidential and is never contained in an insurance company database. Like many experienced psychologists, I have chosen not to participate on most insurance panels.  When necessary, I work collaboratively with local psychiatrists who may provide medication management.

Please call the office to schedule a consultation if you are considering engaging in a psychotherapy relationship in order to determine whether this is the type of psychotherapy experience you are seeking at this point in your life and whether you are ready to make the commitment to such a life-changing endeavor.